Tecglass transforms digital printing on glass with its Single Pass model

16 May, 2017

Unmatched production speed, excellent print resolution with a single pass, a compact footprint and workflow optimization are the key features of this innovative machine developed by Tecglass, the Fenzi Group company specialized in digital printing on glass.

Mass production of decorated glass sheets for the automotive and household appliance industries has never been so fast. Exceptional performance is what the Vitro F Type Single Pass by Tecglass is all about. This innovative machine can complete an entire print cycle with unrivalled speed: 8 seconds per square meter, including positioning and unloading. Tecglass offers the ideal solution for mass printing of frames, logos, patterns and graphic motifs on any and all types of glass. It is an especially good fit for the automotive and household appliance industries.

The entire line was engineered to speed up, optimize and simplify the printing operations for continuous cycle production where it is essential to have a machine that combines high precision and efficiency. With a single printing pass, the Vitro F Type Single Pass achieves excellent results in terms of coverage, with 1440 dpi resolution, the highest currently available. The completely automated glass handling system ensures the utmost precision throughout the entire process, resulting in even more effective and exact application of ink and elevating the quality of the final product.

By combining ease of use and functionality, the Single Pass by Tecglass can load up to 10 colors, switching effortlessly from one ink to another without the need to stop production -- the print carriage does not need to be reconfigured nor the print heads reset for new jobs.
The machine’s high-performance capabilities are maximized by the superior quality of the inks developed by Tecglass, capable of ensuring unique colors and effects for application on all types of glass.
Thanks to TIFT - TECGLASS INK FLOW TECHNOLOGY, Tecglass has totally eliminated the need for cleaning and maintenance of the heads on all the models including, naturally, the Single Pass, optimizing costs and production times even more.